HTML Viewer

HTML Viewer Online

HTML Viewer is used to view and test HTML code. It works as HTML Viewer, syntax highlighter, real time HTML editor, Validator, formatter and minifier.

Paste your HTML or Upload HTML file and click on run/view button to view HTML output online in real time. It has additional features such as HTML formatter and minifier. Click on view button to view HTML output, click on format button to beautify HTML, click on minify button to minify HTML online.

Different applications have their own versions of HTML Viewer. Some email clients have function that lets you view an attached file in HTML. This feature is only possible with their specially designed file viewer in HTML. Other programs, especially those related to creating Web pages, have the same functionality for the special piece of application.

So basically, an HTML Viewer allows a file or a Web page be viewed in its purest sense—the HTML. You may be asking why would someone need such a piece of application. Well the answer is simple. It’s because this permits functions that are only possible with it.

For email clients, this allows the user to view the file in its basic form. That is, without the fancy buttons, layout, and format of the file. Just what it is. Therefore, this feature is also the faster way to see what the file is all about. You don’t have to download the file anymore just to look at it. Even better, you don’t have to use a Web-based opener of that application because it’s just so slow. Viewing the file in HTML is faster, safer, and purer.

Meanwhile, the benefits are a bit different on Web page makers. With HTML Viewer, it will be easier to insert codes, change the layout, or manually modify the overall look and feel of the page.

This becomes necessary because there are times when the Web page maker becomes too complicated to execute a very simple command. If the designer becomes confused, then he simply has to view the file in HTML and look at the code. Maybe something is wrong with the code and it’s only possible when the fancy file is viewed in a simple HTML.

There must be more benefits that the HTML Viewer can do for different people. But for now, the mentioned above are the most basic and most helpful, making it a necessary and very useful piece of application.